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               Why REAL EXERCISE ?              By Glen Peavey

Why should you invest your time and money at Real Exercise? This is a question you have every right to ask. If we donít have a good answer, then we donít deserve your business. Itís as simple as that.

Our style of training, our equipment, and our experience have made it possible for you to invest the minimum amount of time and therefore far less money than you would pay for traditional ďexerciseĒ. Still it is a commitment on your part. And you should have a good reason for making that commitment.

First off letís discuss style of training. We utilize our own version of High Intensity Strength Training or HIT for short. You may have read about HIT training. HIT was made popular by Arthur Jones the inventor of Nautilus and MedX equipment. His machines made exercise more efficient and productive therefore allowing for shorter and less frequent sessions. Jones did a great deal of research on ďNegativeĒ training. Negative style training places the emphasis on the slow lowering of resistance. Many feel that negative training is the most productive exercise in existence. I feel this is potentially true, however, negative style exercise is not always practical.

 In the early 80ís Ken Hutchins who was conducting an osteoporosis research project for Nautilus and Arthur Jones began experimenting with a form of exercise that placed the emphasis on the slow lifting of the resistance. This in response to problems he encountered while training elderly women using the traditional Nautilus protocol. The Nautilus style of training involved a two second lifting and four second lowering repetition. Although considered a safe system of training, Hutchins was concerned with the lack of his subjects control and the potential for injuries with the faster speed of movement. As a result he recommended a ten second lifting phase and a five second lowering of the weight. Later with the advent of lower friction equipment the lowering segment was increased to ten seconds. Hutchins named his new  protocol SuperSlow.

 In bodybuilding circles the late Mike Mentzers Heavy Duty Training has received a great deal of well deserved publicity. For years Heavy Duty was looked down upon by the established bodybuilding community. That changed when Mentzers training took Dorian Yates to six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles.

Enough HIT history. The bottom line is that when properly applied, High Intensity Training works like nothing else can. The key to continued improvement is understanding the balance between work (exercise) and recovery. This balance is ever changing as a result of changes taking place in the life of the trainee or client.

At Real Exercise our training style has been ever evolving since I began training clients back in 1977. In 1982 I began integrating the slow style protocol into my training. Today we employ elements of all the above protocols and a few of our own. Over the years we have refined and updated our methods and our equipment with an objective of making exercise as safe, as efficient, and of course as productive as possible. 

The beauty of properly performed exercise and the right equipment is that it works for everyone. Iíve trained pre teens and Iíve trained individuals as old as ninety years old. Professional athletes and housewives. Yes the programs differ among these individuals, but they all share those three wordsÖSAFEÖEFFICIENTÖPRODUCTIVE.

At the moment (late 2004) Iím working with numerous golfers in their forties, fifties, and sixties. All of these golfers have seen a noticeable improvement in their long games. In the case of one, he has not only seen an improvement but he has been able to resume and continue a game he thought heíd have to give up because of lower back pain.

 Iím training Jan who has undergone a heart transplant and is one hard worker. Once a week I meet with Brian and his mom Nancy. Brian has Downs Syndrome and never misses his workout.  Iím working with a twenty seven year old professional boxer David Estrada who has gained strength, stamina and a knockout punch he didnít possess as an amateur. Iím also training my wife and partner Julie who at forty-five is competing in bodybuilding at the national level against girls half her age.

Last but not least Iím training John who came to me over ten years ago. John had just been released from therapy after a long and crippling bout with a disease I wasnít even aware of (Guillain-Barre). When we first met, our facility was on the second floor and he wasnít able to make it up the stairs with out a great deal of assistance. Today, in his mid eighties he still makes the trip up here from Highland Park twice a week without fail. Iím proud to say that John is in full control of his life. He drives and walks where he wants to when he wants to. To me, that kind of freedom is what itís all about. As you can tell, Iím proud of my clients and honored that they have chosen to invest their time and their money in REAL EXERCISE.  gp