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Discover the difference between a crowded   gym and a personal training environment.

REAL EXERCISE is the areas premier personal training facility. We’ve been in the personal training business since 1977. Our training emphasizes safe repetition speeds along with special attention to breathing and proper form. Our philosophy is  “it’s the quality of exercise not the quantity that determines the outcome.” Our style of training is ideal for people who seek maximum results with minimum time utilization. The sessions are challenging, but safety is always our number one concern. On average, our clients train 1 to 3 times per week. Generally speaking, the more you are able to challenge yourself, the less exercise you will need. The sessions are about 20-30 minutes long.

REAL EXERCISE uses MedX, Nautilus, Hammer Strength. and Cybex machines along with free weights. These are the safest and most productive machines available. They allow us to produce    maximum results in minimum time.

All sessions at REAL EXERCISE are administered one on one with Glen or Julie. All sessions are private. There are no distractions for clients or trainers to deal with.

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