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“Without MedX, I would have given up golf. My lower back problem was life long, but had become so painful that I had to wear a brace when golfing, and even with it, I felt constant pain. Within weeks of working out on the MedX equipment I was able to play golf pain-free. A year later, I have dropped three strokes off my handicap. I’m not bulletproof, if I lift something the wrong way I’ll throw my back out, but recovery has been shortened from to weeks a couple of days”.

Bradford D. Smart Ph. D.

“The strength and flexibility I have gained through my one half hour session per week has given me the extra power to improve my golf game and over all sense of well being.”                                            

Ilomae C..

The MedX Rotary Torso Machine

I’m physically playing better golf, as I get older, maintaining flexibility and range of motion.

Phil T.

July 13, 2007

Dear Real Exercise,

I just wanted to express my heart felt gratitude for helping me achieve my golfing goals through our personal workouts. I recently was golfing for work with a group of clients that I have golfed with many times in the past, and after my fourth “crushing” drive in a row one of the guys said “we need to test him for steroids.” They couldn’t believe how far I was hitting my drives. I didn’t tell them that I had been working out with Glen from Real Exercise.  I just kept them thinking.

I have to admit I am surprise what a difference the workouts have made in my game. The MedX rotary torso machine both stretches and strengthens the swing muscles.  That machine along with the MedX stretching machine and the rest of the workout has helped my game and my health.

I would strongly recommend any golfer that wants to improve his golf game to start an exercise routine, and I would highly recommend Real Exercise if you are looking for help from a personal trainer.

I think any serious golfer knows these days that being in shape is the key to a better game. Just look at Tiger!


David Creagh

Gurnee, IL


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