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Hereís what some of our clients (past and present) have had to say about Real Exercise. For more, check out the Golf Page testimonials.

Glen, I have only worked out with you for 8 sessions now and I feel great. I have more mobility than I have had in a long time. I have more energy so I can bend and turn and play easily with my granddaughter on the floor. Previous to our workouts I was spending a lot of time in front of the TV because I had no energy. Thanks for making me feel alive again!                                                                                                                          Your trainee, Donna H.

David Lands A Knockout Punch

ďSince I began training at Real Exercise, Iíve increased my strength, speed, and stamina. Glen and Julie are helping me to realize my full potential as an athlete.Ē   Professional Boxer David ďthe weezelĒ Estrada

Glen works with David on the MedX Stretch Machine

Dear Glen,

A year ago I finally convinced my husband to take 6 weeks of personal training with Real Exercise, although he was very skeptical.  He has always been thin and strong, but with his age and a disease that adversely affects bone density, he needed weight-bearing exercise.

I tried to convince him to go for the bone density issue, for his health, and for the education he would get about weight lifting in six weeks; but the winning argument turned out to be "to improve your golf game." Six weeks later he signed up for another 12 workouts, then another 12, and another....

One year later he is still one of your consistent clients, twice a week, and is a changed man. Yes, his golf buddies have all noticed his greatly improved golf game.  Yes, his doctor is impressed by his 40-point drop in cholesterol (attributed to diet and exercise), and yes, I am glad to see him healthier and happier. BUT THOSE BICEPS!  THOSE PECS! THOSE LEG MUSCLES! THE DEFINITION of HIS DELTOIDS!  WOW!  We are on our way to Maui for our 25th wedding anniversary next week, and he is going to be one hot body walking around the pool and the beaches.  Of course, he doesn't care about that, but he is confident that he will look impressive on the 18th hole (600-yards!) of the Kapalua Plantation Golf Course. 

Thanks from both of us!

Cathy & David C.

I began with Real Exercise in 2003 when my husband, who was training with Glen, suggested I join too. I began training with Julie and my goal being to improve my diet, build muscle, and tone my body. In the year and a half that Iíve been going, Iíve done all three. I see such a difference in my upper body, Iím eating healthier, and my strength and stamina are improved. I would recommend Glen and Julie to anyone serious about fitness. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional Ēthe best in personal training.Ē

Sharon B.                                                      .

ďAt age 45, I am stronger and feel healthier than I did when I was a teenager and in my early 20ís. It is a thrill for me to look in the mirror and see a body that is well defined and strong.Ē                                                                                                                                                             Abby S

I canít believe I finally found a Personal Training Group that does more than just throw stuff at you in the hope some of it works. Real Exercise has proved they are simply the best trainers on Chicagoís North Shore. Their targeted high intensity training program has rejuvenated my body, my enthusiasm, and my outlook like nothing else Iíve ever seen. With over 50 different exercise machines, Glen developed an exercise program targeting specific areas where it was needed most. But he didnít stop there. As I progressed, he continuously modified the regime to meet my ever changing needs. Itís no wonder I travel 18 miles to Real Exerciseís Gurnee/Waukegan location once a week for my high intensity training. And itís also no wonder I highly recommend it to others! 

Jack Koenig, network consultant, Deerfield Il.                                                                                                  

Real Exercise is the real deal...I was fortunate enough to train with Glen a few years ago, and I benefited greatly from the intense training provided at this facility. The training is based on sound knowledge and expertise, and the gym is stocked with a ton of great equipment that keeps the exercises fresh.

I can still remember how much I dreaded my workouts after all these years. Not because I didn't want to be there, and not because I was lazy - but because they were so physically demanding - They were the epitome of outright hard work - exactly what Arthur Jones would have envisioned from a true HIT facility. To be honest - I have never been able to duplicate this intensity in my own personal training at home, and this intensity is essential for big gains and the efficiency that HIT provides.

It is only financial reasons that keep me away from training at this facility full time. In all honestly though the prices are very reasonable, and they are probably half of what other trainers would charge for a quarter of the training and expertise.

I would highly recommend this facility for anyone who is serious about training or getting in shape. Additionally, for those who may have read any of the works of Arthur Jones or Ellington Darden and want to truly experience a HIT training session this is the place to be. HIT must be experienced to be understood, and sadly many people are not able to push themselves to the intensity levels required to truly train in a HIT style. Take advantage of this resource if you can because the rewards will be amazing - and they will come in a fraction of the time it would take performing other types of exercise

Posted on the Real Exercise discussion board on Jul 13, 2007, 8:33pm by an anonymous former client.

 Glen and Julie Peavey became clients of mine a few years ago. After getting to know them, I realized that they had a passion for what they do. My lower back had been bothering me for years and extra poundage had slowly been accumulating . Considering their facility was within walking distance, I had no excuse not to give their program a try.

  It didnít take me long to realize that one on one training is the most time efficient way to get in shape.I received help with my diet and was put on short, intense workout along with their specialized MedX Lumbar machine for my lower back. I began to see results, I lost bodyfat and gained strength in my lower back. Along the way, the pain diminished. I was now able to perform my job related activities with greater ease.

                                                                                                                     Bob S.

 I met Glen and Julie Peavey at the beginning of this summer after wandering into their personal training facility. They explained to me their High Efficiency Training programs and I was told that my goals could be accomplished with as little as two, thirty minute sessions per week. This spiked my curiosity since I had been playing football and working out since I was twelve years old. After only one workout I realized that I had been wasting a tremendous amount of time and effort over the years. I had never worked out like that before. It would be impossible do it on your own. In only four weeks I tripled my own strength, which is very impressive for someone who has strength trained all these years. I look better, Iím stronger, and the workouts relieve a lot of stress. What more can I say. More teenagers could benefit from this kind of personal training. They would feel a whole lot better about themselves.

                                                                                                                                                                 Eric N. Age 18

 Two years ago I began looking for a personal trainer. I had given birth to my second child nine months prior and was still suffering from the damage of a two hour labor that resulted in torn muscles in my back, buttocks, and both thighs. Every night I suffered leg and back spasms. The doctors were not of much help and insurance wasnít either. I called Glen and Julieís private training studio in Highland Park. Their experience and knowledge allowed them to create a routine to improve my injuries. After six months, my spasms had disappeared, and after nine months most of the pain was gone also.

   I was hooked on Personal Training. The thirty minute workouts also relieved stress, and I began to feel better both mentally and physically. My energy level began to rise. Now fully recovered, I set some new goals to lose the weight gained during my pregnancy. Glen and Julieís expertise was invaluable in setting me up with a healthy eating lifestyle. I lost fifteen pounds in four months. This loss of fat revealed the muscle that I had built during my training over the last year. It is my belief that Glen and Julie Peavey are the most knowledgeable personal trainers around, simply the best!

                                                                                                                                                                         Anne L.

 I have been involved in fitness in some way for many years. Along the way, I have met many fitness enthusiasts. Glen and Julie Peavey were among these people. After watching their techniques and talking to their long time clients over the years, I knew that when the time was right they would be the personal trainers I would choose.

  Then it happened, I became serious about my level of fitness and decided to track them down. I located them at their private training facility in Highland Park. I scheduled my free trial session and found their motivation and expertise unmatched. I was now able to workout around my old injuries.

  Unfortunatly, at the same time I needed to move my residence farther south, they moved their training facility farther north. Even that didnít stop me. Their short, intense, workouts produce fast results and are customized for each individual they work with. If experience, motivation, personal attention, and state of the art equipment are what youíre looking for, then donít wait, call now!

                                                                                                                                                                               Don L.

 I always valued strength and fitness, but had great difficulty disciplining myself to lift weights on a regular basis. Julie & Glenís training program has made a tremendous difference for me! Their encouragement combined with their expertise in training methods allowed me to make significant gains in a minimal amount of time. The outcomes I have achieved are great! I consider my time and money well invested and have found the motivation I lacked. I would highly recommend Julie & Glen to anyone who is serious about making a change for the better in their health and appearance. You wonít be disappointed.

                                                                                                                                                                           Tricia B.

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